• About Shemika Denise

    Who Is Shemika Denise?

    Shemika Denise is a Southern Belle from Birmingham, AL. She is a lover of all things: art, make-up and painting, as well as journaling, running, and spending time with friends and family. In 2003, she moved to Nashville, TN to attend THE Tennessee State University where she majored in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. After being active with various service organizations and volunteering at places such as Martha O’ Bryan and the Boys and Girls Club, Shemika began questioning her path. She was on a path to pediatric medicine but saw the need to serve and provide assistance in low income communities in the form of education for children who were not on grade level, lacked support, sometimes food and access to a high quality education. At the time of her great epiphany, it was far too late to change her major, so she decided to obtain a Masters in Social Work from The University of Tennessee focusing on Management, Leadership, and Community Practice. Subsequently, she began working with nonprofits and the charter school sector.  

    Shemika currently serves children and families as a School Operations Manager for the largest charter school network in Nashville, TN. She is responsible for the day to day operations of the school, excluding instruction. She desires to develop systems that will help teachers focus solely on student learning, along with providing students and families with reliable resources to aid them in their everyday lives. 

    In addition to her love for her career, Shemika's first love is her incredible six year old daughter, Skye Daleigha. Skye keeps her busy with their mommy-daughter activities, in addition to her extra-curricular schedule with soccer and soon to be gymnastics. Skye is the reason Shemika continues to strive for greatness despite any adversities she may face. It is Shemika's mission to raise up a Queen who believes she conquer whatever she desires in life as long as it aligns with God's will.    

    Behind These Eyes...

    "For years I hid behind a M.A.S.K. I masked my insecurities, my happiness in my relationship, my happiness with my career, my happiness with myself!  After years of personal struggle, heart ache and pain, I've finally matured and walked into the greatness God had in store for me which was MY TRUTH! Behind These Eyes I Hurt will unfold the essence of me... my past eight years of life, love, and lessons! I pray my transparency helps someone and transforms lives!" 

    Behind These Eyes...


    I strive daily to be a Proverbs 31 woman. I am far from perfect, but every day I try to do what is pleasing in His sight. I cannot wait for the day I get to meet you and the lives of people that I have touched through the outpouring of my journey.